Monday, April 18, 2011

2012 VW Beetle Photos - New edition of the retro gets sporty look

The historical model was one of the first world car at all. No wonder that in the VW Beetle-grandchildren parallel Shanghai, New York and Berlin presents. The successor of the New Beetle is only Beetle would eventually "New New Beetle" also sound strange. The new edition will be based in future optically close to the historic original.

The new Beetle is longer with 4.28 meters by 15 centimeters than its predecessor. The level declined slightly to 1.49 meters while the width increased to 1.81 meters. The gauges and the wheelbase has been increased. Beetle front is the result of parting from the dome roof has become a bit flat, the interior height drops slightly to 1.04 meters. Back to itself, however, revealed by the longer roof section of a much better sense of space. Simultaneously, the trunk grows from 209 to 310 liters, the seatbacks can be folded down.

The 200-horsepower Beetle runs a maximum of 225 km / h, while the 105 PS TSI is only 5.5 liters of fuel used. More economical, the two TDI with 105 PS and 140. Here, the small machine, including BlueMotion technology measures only 4.3 liters of diesel consumed per 100 kilometers. In Europe, from October to November 2011 Beetle comes on the market, prices VW has not yet announced. They began to date at around 17,500 €.

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