Friday, April 22, 2011

Geely McCar concept

Among the many concept cars that the Chinese Geely exhibited at this year's Motor Show in Shanghai and the city children.

Called the Geely McCar concept, a most interesting piece of equipment is a little electric scooter is located in the trunk of a car.

Geely is McCar predicted two versions, one with electro and the other is a plug-in option.

Electric versions can reach a maximum of 85 km / h, while the autonomy of the single charge battery (12 kWh, filled with about 6 hours) is about 150 km. On the other hand, the hybrid version can be up to 130 km / h, and has autonomy of 650 km (of which 50 km when it moves to the electro).

As far as electric scooters, its top speed of 30 km / h, the autonomy of 30 km, and the battery is recharged for two hours.

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