Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BMW Z4 GT3 2011

The car manufacturer launched the new BMW Z4 GT3 2011 which is designed specifically for private drivers. The new car which is upgrade of this Z4 modification resulting aerodynamic results that can compete in various kinds of hard fighting race.

"With the elongated hood, the driver is directed behind the car, long wheel base and narrow wheel arches, the version of the BMW Z4 series offers a clear appearance. two-seater BMW Motorsport engineers are provided with a good basis for developing a racing car in the race." BMW said as reported by autoevolutian, Saturday (9 / 4).

Mentioned ZA GT3 is equipped with a sophisticated engine management system, a steel safety cell, and various components of CFRP. To refer to the predecessor body of the car BMW Plant Regensburg.

Meanwhile, for their own machine using the machine eight-cylinder 4.4-liter that is connected to a six-speed sequential transmission. Specifications related parties has not been released, but if referring to the previous model featuring 4.0-liter V8 with more than 480 PS (353 kW / 473 bhp).

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