Monday, April 18, 2011

Renault Twizy: A test, a walk and video

After a long session Citroen, what better than a small session for Renault return to the reality of close ZE vehicles that will be a concession in late 2011. So far, I suggest you find Twizy through several videos to help you find the Renault power of the coolest time pending Zoe.

Of course here we are talking about the version with the electric motor 15 kW (20 hp), capable of 57 Nm Vmax of 80 km / h for a range of a few hundred kilometers. Twizy is of course powered by batteries of Lithium-ion batteries. As a reminder, Twizy should be marketed at around € 9,990 (€ 5,000 deducted using) and it will cost you 45 € / month to rent a flat battery with annual mileage of 7500 km. For younger unlicensed version available Twizy 3.67 kW (5hp) to € 6,990. I will let you enjoy the videos but it seems that Twizy, without ABS, poses some problems in the rain or on slippery roads to be continued ...

Below are some proposals Twizy Design Lab.


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