Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nissan Leaf Nismo RC (Racing Competition)

German car manufacturer, Nissan's newest product will introduce Nissan NISMO LEAF RC (Racing Competition) at New York Auto Show 20 April 2011. The creation of these electric-powered racing car seems one of the company's dedication towards electric-powered vehicles and affirm his devotion towards eco green machines.

As reported by autoevolition Monday (18 / 4) Leaf RC NISMO model model prototype based on the Leaf, but is designed as a real race car, starting with carbon fiber body. NISMO membekalinya with fixed windows, LED lights on the front and rear, and rear wing which can be arranged by the driver.

While the exterior is designed differently with Leaf regular. The racing version has only 2-door. Nismo give special 4-layer paint Pearl White with blue graphics NISMO / Zero Emission. Leaf Nismo has a shorter wheelbase 99 mm, a 2601 mm. But the longer 20.32 mm (to 4465 mm) wide and 170 mm (1941 mm in front and 1910 mm at the rear).

dramatic difference from those seen from the high. RC NISMO High only 1199 mm - 350 mm lower than normal Leaf. Ground clearance is very low 61 mm - 160 mm Regular Leaf. He weighs 1 ton aka kuarang of 938 kg - about 40% lighter.

Its layout is also different for RC NISMO - batteries, electric motor and inverter is placed in the middle so that the system is rear-wheel-drive. While Leaf mass production system of front-wheel-drive.

RC NISMO adopting double wishbone suspension (front and rear) and an adjustable driver's braking, using the wheels 18-inch 6-spoke and racing tires from Bridgestone P225/40R18.

To force still relies on RC NISMO LEAF lithium-ion battery consisting of 48 modules and compact 80kW AC synchronous motor that produces 107 hp and 207 lb-ft of torque.

Within 30 minutes of battery can be charged up to 80 percent by using quick-charge port. And unlike other competition cars, NISMO has no exhaust, no emissions, no noise and exhaust.

RC NISMO kpj can accelerate from 0-100 in 6.85 seconds and drove up to speed of 150 kpj. With full battery condition, RC NISMO predicted to roam up to 20 lap circuit.

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