Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bugatti Shows Off Two Bespoke Veyrons at Auto Shanghai 2011

We are a candid. When Bugatti announced that it would end production of the Veyron with 30 units of Super Sport, we thought we were already tired of beating around the mill special editions, but we are going to limited edition Veyron every two international exhibitions. In China, as well as no shortage of the new rich and the desire to show the world his wealth, has introduced two instead of one. This couple W16 is part of the Bugatti exhibition at the Salon of Shanghai, where visitors can admire a Grand Sport in matt white and light blue carbon fiber, with a Super Sport, which contrasts the bare carbon fiber body with A rich interior upholstered in beige leather.

Bugatti may be recalled that operates in China since 2008. Then sold at the Beijing Motor Show first Veyron, at a price of 2.2 million euros, about twice what it costs in the West.

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