Monday, April 18, 2011

There will be Chevrolet Volt Crossover Brand name registered Crossvolt

The electric car with extended range - Chevrolet Volt will be a crossover version. The vehicle will take the name Crossvolt and will probably be based on the concept Volt MPV5, we saw in Beijing a year ago (the photos).

Expectations are driving system Crossvolt be analogous to that of the Volt, a size similar to those of the new Orlando.

This means that Crossvolt will rely on the motor and lithium ion batteries, supported by the petrol engine volume 1.4 liters and 150 hp, which works only to recharge the batteries while driving. With his help the family vehicle can travel on a single charge over 500 km.

Along with the name Crossvolt, Chevrolet recorded two more brands - Chevrolet Amp and Chevrolet Strobe, which suggest that also will join the family of environmental Volt.

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