Sunday, April 24, 2011

Surfing a Ford Bronco on U.S. Highway video

The follies that can be performed on four wheels, it must be the stupidest of all. As shown in the video, the driver of the Ford Bronco has no intention of caring for their physical integrity or that of other drivers passing on the highway.

In an act of courage for him, but seen from complete idiocy common sense, the boy climbs to the roof of his truck and he settles into position surfer, as he bit the untamed waves of the Pacific. So travels several meters, and finally returns to the pilot and controls the vehicle again.

Luckily for him and all who passed by, the reckless action did not end in an accident and now we can show how one of those things that nobody in their right mind would make the control of a vehicle.

A sample rather than having a traffic accident, not enough to observe traffic signs, speed limit and seat belt use. Always possible to cross with a jerk that has no better thing to do to prove his bravery in a public space.

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