Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nissan GT-R Completed With Godzila Machine

Prepare the new generation Nissan GT-R to compete with the Porsche 911 Turbo S. The Japanese manufacturer will equip the next generation GT-R with a number of components to speed run the GT-R.

Nissan GT-R which is not currently compete with Porsche. GT-R is now 'only' equipped with 3800 cc twin turbo engine capable of producing power at 485 hp with 588 Nm of torque.

To accelerate up to speeds of 100 km / h from rest, the GT-R needed 3.5 seconds, was counted under Porsche. While the maximum speed of just stuck at 311 km / hour.

Nissan will use the powerful 500 hp engine Godzilla as its main energy source. While other parts of the body will receive some improvements from the aerodynamics to help accelerate the vehicle. Porsche 911 Turbo S that was introduced at the Geneva Auto Show this year is using a 3.8-liter engine direct injection twin-turbocharged boxer.

The machine is able to generate power of 530 hp with 650 Nm of torque. This torque can be increased to 700 Nm when the engine overboost function is activated. So no wonder, for berakseelrasi 0-100 km / h 911 Turbo S just took 3.3 seconds with a maximum speed that can reach up to 315 km / hour.

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