Sunday, April 24, 2011

New York Auto Show 2011: The World Car Awards

The Auto Show of New York not only unveiling of new products or concepts, but also a series of awards or honors awarded to deserving manufacturers. Among these, we find the titles:

"World Car of the Year"
"World Green Car of the Year"
"World Performance Car of the Year"
"World Car Design of the Year"

In total, 66 journalists from over 25 countries worldwide that make up the jury was given as "mission impossible" to find the four winners of "World Car Awards for 2011.

Here are the results:

The World Car of the Year
Last year, the title "World Car of the Year" was presented to the 5th generation Volkswagen Polo while his big sister, the Volkswagen Golf generation 6 had captured very appreciative of this title, the previous year. This year is the turn of the Nissan LEAF win top honors in front of the Audi A8 sedan and the BMW Série5.

The World Green Car of the Year
For 2011, three cars had the opportunity to become the "Green Car of the Year". This is the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics, the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan LEAF. Ultimately, it is the Chevrolet Volt, which has now become the "Green Car of the Year." Last year, this title was given to Volkswagen BlueMotion.

"World Performance Car"
In this category, the prize goes to the mighty Ferrari 458 Italia. The Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS and the Porsche 911 Turbo has been his main rival. Last year, this honor was awarded to the seductive Audi R8 V10.

The World Car Design of the Year
The award was presented to the beautiful Aston Martin Rapide has to face the beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulietta and exotic Italia Ferrari 458. In 2010, the Chevrolet Camaro had captured the title.

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